Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's Under Our Tree - Penbo and Friends Penbo and Skylee

Thanks to Willow's love of Nick Jr and their endless supply of children's commercials (Hey don't judge me, I have two infants to care for too!) Penbo & Friends, Penbo and Skylee are on the top of her holiday wish list. She's asked Santa for new shoes, a penguin (Penbo) and a new baby sister (not happening). She's going to be really excited when she finds Penbo and Skylee under the tree Christmas morning!

Penbo is a lovable, interactive and waddling penguin with her baby. She responds to touch with blinking eyes, flapping wings, and cooing sounds.This adorable penguin robot comes with a surprise: she lays an egg! When the egg is opened, out comes Bebe a tiny baby penguin that will chirp and communicate with its mother. Mommy listens to Bebe and responds in her own Penguish language! When the child places Bebe in Penbo’s pouch, the two sing to one another while the mom dances with joy.Penbo plays five fun games with you and Bebe including tag, hide and seek and peek-a-boo.

Each Penbo includes one egg with Bebe in a surprise color - pink, green, or blue!

Skylee flaps her dragon wings in response to a child’s touch and responds with words of excitement to a child’s greeting. Incredibly outgoing, Skylee loves to play games whenever she can.She is also a very friendly dragon and is very happy to “chat” with you about anything! Each Skylee also comes with a very special surprise a tiny, cuddly and equally engaging Bebe, a dragon baby who pops out of Skylee in her own egg. Skylee and Bebe also recognize when a Penbo or Penbino is nearby, and together, they dance and sing the day away.
 Each Skylee comes with one egg with Bebe in a surprise color!

Watch this video to check out Penbo and Skylee interacting with each other!

Where to Buy
Penbo and Friends  have an MSRP of $59.99 each and are available on iloveRobots.com, Toys R Us and other retailers.


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