Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Turkey Hunt New Mommy Package- SwaddleDesigns SwaddleDuo

For the Holiday Turkey Hunt we're offering a New Mommy Package to one lucky reader featuring some great baby and new mommy items. Swaddle Designs is going to be offering a SwaddleDuo as part of our prize pack!

Founded by Lynette Damir, RN, in 2002, SwaddleDesigns was the first company to introduce the large square swaddling blanket to the US and many countries around the world.  SwaddleDesigns is known for their premium quality fabric, fabulous colors and prints, decorative edge, and the innovative 123 Swaddle® instructional label that helps new parents master the art of swaddling. SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets are perfect for swaddling and have many uses such as a privacy throw for breastfeeding moms, a tummy time play mat and a cover over the stroller.  

 SwaddleDesigns® is introducing the SwaddleDuo™

You can be prepared for changes in environmental temperatures with Swaddle Duo.The Swaddle Duo features two Premium Fabric options, Cotton Flannel for cool to moderate temperatures and the Cotton Marquisette open weave for warmer weather (similar to muslin) in a wonderful gift box. With Swaddle Duo, parents can select the appropriate fabric to wrap baby. 
 According to leading SIDS researchers, both overheating AND overchilling are risk factors for SIDS. In addition, it’s important for parents to understand that when baby is too cool during sleep, baby will use valuable energy to stay warm instead of growing and thriving. Over the past few years some juvenile product companies have over focused on overheating as a SIDS risk factor, and there has been a lack of balanced conversation regarding insufficient thermal insulation – the danger of baby being too cool - as a risk factor for SIDS. It is time for a balanced information where parents are educated and reminded of their important responsibility to make sure baby is not too hot or too cold, but comfortably warm. SwaddleDesigns wants to make sure that ever baby sleeps safe, which is why they've come up with the "Goldilocks Rule" baby should not be too hot, or too cold, but just right ~ comfortably warm.”   

To find out more about the benefits of swaddling your baby and how to help protect your children against SIDS, please visit Swaddle Designs Safe Sleep Page 

With Willow I had it so easy, she'd just lay down and go to sleep without a fight. She was a big strong girl who figured out how to roll around  at 2 weeks and really wanted her independence. The hospital I delivered her at wasn't big on teaching, they just swaddled her up like a little burrito and handed her to me. My swaddling skills weren't that great, so she fought her way out of a swaddle and since she didn't really need it to stay asleep I let her go without. Swaddle Designs has made it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time by sewing their 1-2-3-Swaddle tags right on to the blanket! It gives you a step by step guide complete with pictures on how to get the perfect swaddle every time! Swaddle Designs Website even has a section on How To Swaddle your baby complete with videos to help you along the way.

 The 1-2-3 Swaddle tags are great for us because twins need to be swaddled. Not just for the safety factor, but  to be able to sleep. They spend 9 months snuggled up and smooched together that when they're born the freedom of having their own space overwhelms them and they need to be swaddled to calm down and feel safe. Swaddle Designs was kind enough to send us a Swaddle Duo to try out and we're completely in love. It's made nap and bed time so much easier for us. We wrap the girls lay them in their crib and they fall right asleep for up to 10 hours each night! The blankets are big and soft (they get softer with each wash) but thin enough that they fold up small enough to fit 2 of them in one diaper bag.

Since we live in Florida and we haven't really hit "cold" weather yet we haven't swaddled with the Cotton Flannel  because I don't want the babies to get too hot, but it makes a great stroller blanket for cooler nights and Ella has taken to it as a lovey. We love our Swaddle Designs Marquisette blankets so much that we've ordered 2 more so each of the girls has one and we have a back up for emergencies!

 How to Purchase
The Swaddle Duo would make a great gift for any new baby, I know that my sister would love to see one under the tree for my niece Amelia who's due any day now.  The Swaddle Duo retails for $38 on the Swaddle Designs website, they can also be found on

How to Win
Swaddle Designs has offered one Lucky Life Unexpected reader a chance to win a Peace, Love, Swaddle SwaddleDuo in their choice of pink or blue as part of our New Baby Package in the Holiday Turkey Hunt starting Friday! 

I received one or more of the products listed above in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for this post and my opinion is 100% my own. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.

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