Monday, November 21, 2011

What's Under Our Tree - Bright Starts Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing

Unlike most parents of multiples, we didn't rush out and buy two of every piece of baby gear imaginable. Every child is different and we really didn't want to waste the money if both girls didn't like something, so instead we waited to let them try everything out to see what they liked. Turns out both girls LOVE the swing, which caused lots of screaming matches between the two of them. If one child was in the other would scream and scream to have their turn. We were about to break down and purchase another one, when Bright Starts asked us if we'd like to try out their Ingenuity Craddle and Sway full size swing! Of course we jumped at the chance and we're so glad we did! 

InGenuity™ Signature Edition Cradle & Sway Full Size Swing
The InGenuity™ Cradle and Sway Swing is beautifully designed in Shiloh fashion and loaded with features baby will love. 

The deluxe seat features premium fabrics and rotates 180 degrees to provide multi-directional swinging motion.  With side to side cradling or traditional swinging motion, you can choose the motion your baby loves best!   Extra soft seat padding with removable head support, WhisperQuiet™ operation, and a soothing vibration unit ensures peaceful and comfortable swinging so that baby stays content.  This swing is powered by our exclusive Hybridrive Technology™ making it more energy efficient than other comparable swings providing 2X the battery life.

  • Seat rotates 180 degrees for 3 swing directions
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Soothing vibration and WhisperQuiet™ operation
  • Energy savings with Hybridrive Technology extending battery life more than 2X
  • TrueSpeed™ technology maintains 6 speeds as baby grows
  • Machine washable extra soft seat pad with removable newborn support
  • Removable tray with 2 plush toys
  • 5 point harness for extra safety
Weight/Height: 6 lbs to 25 lbs
Age: Birth & Up

Let me just start out by saying that Zach (the Daddy) is not very good at putting things together, so all  assembly of products and furniture is left up to me. So one Saturday morning I set out to put together a swing by myself before all 3 children could wake up. This was the contents of our box:
 The swing was surprisingly easy to put together, it took about 45 minutes including the time it took me to take it apart (twice) because I was tired I forgot to connect the cords on the inside and put the top on backwards. So if you drink a cup of coffee and properly read the instructions before setting out to put it together, it should take you less then 30 minutes. And this is what our finished product looks like:

Our Opinion of the Ingenuity Craddle and Sway Full Size Swing

* I like that this swing offers something I've seen before a vibrating option in the seat. You have the option to turn it on without the swing being on so technically you could use this swing as a bouncey chair if your girls are anything like mine and don't like to bounce but instead hang out and enjoy the soothing vibration.

*The music isn't annoying! So many children's products have that funky computerized sounding music but the Craddle and Sway swing has more soothing classical songs plus 3 nature options.

*It's gender neutral so you can pass it along to future little brothers and sisters. 

*The tray actually stays on! When you lift it up and bring it to the side to take out a baby it actually stays attached unlike our other swing that the tray flys off when you remove the baby.

*Has a lot of power! Our girls are about 16lbs each and they can still swing comfortably when the swing is set on the middle speed setting, so we've still got a ways to go before they'll outgrow this swing. Unfortunately our other swing is lacking in the power department and barely moves anymore with a baby in it.

*Despite having all that extra power it doesn't take a lot of power. It required 4 D batteries for the main swing and 2 C batteries for the vibration. We've had our swing in use for about 3 weeks and we've only replaced the D batteries once (yesterday) and the vibration still has plenty of life. 

*The Low Battery indicator is a huge help! We knew that the batteries were getting low because the light on top switched to red. No nasty surprises when you go to put your baby in and it doesn't start!

*The toys are great! Our girls love the included toys and I really like that they can be switched out with other toys that you may have to give your baby some variety

*The only thing I'm not thrilled about is that it's a bit bulkier then our other swing. It's about 3-4 inches wider and does not have an option to fold it when not in use. It would make things a lot easier to be able to fold the legs in when not in use to give more play space. 

Overall we LOVE this swing, and would defiantly recommend it over all the other swings we've owned. This swing would make a GREAT Christmas or baby shower gift for a new mom. The Ingenuity Craddle and Sway Full Size Swing is a Babies R Us exclusive and has an MSRP of $149.99. 

Bright Starts currently has an Ingenuity Registry Giveaway going on where you could enter to win weekly and monthly prizes. All you have to do is add the Craddle and Sway Swing to your registry and fill out the form to be entered to win. You can find more information on the Giveaway Here.

I received one or more of the products listed above in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for this post and my opinion is 100% my own. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.


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