Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Pinsperation

It's been awhile since we've had had a Pinterest post, so I think it's about time we have A Little Pinsperation again! As always, you can follow me on Pinterest to see all the fun things I find during the week.

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How cute are these party trays? They'd be great for a kids party or summer cookout. 3 trays + 2 candle stick holders = awesome cupcake display! Of course you could use different colors for different holidays. How about red and green for Christmas? Purple and green for Halloween? Red and blue for Independence Day? The possibilities are endless!

Sometimes the answer is just so simple that you overlook it. I mean things can't be that easy right?I've been looking for ways to cover the lids to the 9 million baby food jars that I have around the house. I plan on cleaning them out, covering the lids with cute paper and using them for crafting  & office supplies.

This is a really busy month for us with a wedding to attend, my youngest sister's high school graduation and the twins turning one all in the next 4 weeks! I love cute gift wrapping but sometimes I feel like I spend as much on wrapping a gift as the actual gift itself cost! This super easy tutorial shows you how to make your own big fluffy bow at home.

Sensory bottles were my favorite thing to make with my kids when I was teaching preschool. They're fun, easy, and will keep them entertained for hours. All you need is a plastic bottle, water, some small objects and hot glue. Fill your bottle up half way, add your fun stuff (glitter, pom poms, food coloring, ribbon, beads etc), fill the bottle the rest of the way and hot glue it shut. I think we'll be making a few of these this week!


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