Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Weekend From Hell

These children are crazy. Ella and Madeline are teething so they scream ALL day. If I get one to stop then the other starts. Willow didn't start teething until 10 months, never cried and broke her first tooth on Halloween without me even knowing it. These two are completely different, their teeth are starting to poke up and they're only 4 months the only thing they want is to be held and I only have 2 hands but 3 kids who need me.

While holding Madeline yesterday Willow got into my SIL's nail polish (we live with family) and painted her dog. Yes painted. Geoffrey is so humiliated that he will not sit still for pictures but I reassure you that he has at least 12 different colors of nail polish in his fur right now.

We went to the grocery store last night for what was supposed to be a quick trip. First we got distracted by this 80+ year old woman who looked at me and said "Oh you have twins, you poor poor thing" While I held back my urge to yell obscenities at the old witch Ella decided it was the perfect time to poop in her carseat. Not just poop but "poop soup" as we liked to call it at the preschool. One huge blow out all in her carseat. Did I mention we don't have a washer yet? I've been toting laundry back and forth to the laundry mat or my mother's and neither was an option at almost 10pm. So I washed the carseat cover in the bathtub with hot water and a 1/4 cap of tide. Swishing it back and forth and wringing it out while Willow screamed at me that she wasn't sleeping in her own bed and tried to toss blankets and clothes in the tub with the poop soup.

This morning while trying to clean the disaster Willow left in the toy room she went in her room to read  some books. I should have known that she was being too quiet because I walked in to find every last one of her sisters' onesies, pants, pajamas and blankets dumped out, trash can knocked over and bed stripped.
After cleaning that up I came back out into the living room to find that Willow had taken it upon herself to feed the babies. I'm so glad that I've taught her to share, but pineapple yougurt is not exactly the thing I want her sharing with the babies. Especially since they're 4 1/2 months old and have not had any solid food yet (waiting until 6 months). Well I guess they have now, but I don't think they got too much. Judging by Madeline's face they didn't like it too much.

It's only 2pm on Saturday and I'm ready to go to sleep and give up on this weekend already.


  1. I can totally relate. My twins are 2 1/2 now and we have definitely seen our fair share of nightmare days.
    My nightmare was when the boys were 2 weeks old and my idiot cats realized we were keeping the babies. In one night the animals visited every baby item I owned and marked them. Car seats, double stroller, bouncers, activity seat, the zip up play dome, a basket of their clothes and the baby tub. Not even kidding. This surprised me a bit more, because the cats were girls. I also did not have laundry facilities. I was crushed and bawling.
    It gets better (the positive better, not the sarcastic better). Keep your head up :)

  2. :( I'm sorry. For the record, you are always welcomed to our washer, even at 10pm at night.


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