Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sharing For Christmas Charity Giveaway Event Sponsor Spotlight Vamplets

 Vamplets are soft, stuffed, and slightly cuddly (watch out they bite!) baby Vampyres that you can adopt! They may look sweet and innocent, but beneath that sweet exterior is a blood sucking machine. How cute are these little guys and gals? Teeny Tiny Vampyres who drink baby bottles of blood?! It may be my love all of things slightly Halloween related and weird but I think these little guys are absolutely adorable.

Willow received Evilyn Nocturna as her new adopter baby. According to her warning label, she is "slightly off and a bit mad. This is due to her visionary powers. She can see the future, has visions and waking dreams. Since she is psychic she can guess your every move. This is a warning! Full body armor is suggested at all times for she would rather take a sip from you than her bottle. She tends to sleepwalk. You must lock her securely in her coffin before each sunrise thus preventing her destruction by the sun's harmful rays."

Willow and Evilyn are definatly the best of friends now and I'm happy to report that Evilyn has kept her fangs to herself so far. Willow and Evilyn enjoy trips to the park on gloomy days. Now the park isn't exactly the first place that  a baby Vampyre would like to play at, but our local park is directly across from and owned by the local funeral home, so I think Evilyn feels at home.

Vamplets would make a great holiday gift for the child in your life (teens and adults would love a Vamplet too!) You can adopt a Vamplet of your own for $19.95. Make sure to pick up a bottle or two of blood just in case! You can find them in the accessories section for $5.95.

We're excited to announce that Vamplets will be sponsoring our Sharing For Christmas Giveaway Event, and during the hop one lucky Life Unexpected: Adventures of  a SAHM reader will win a Vlad Von Gloom Vamplet and disappearing blood bottle of their very own!Check back during the Sharing For Christmas Giveaway Hop November 8-14 to enter to win this and other great prizes!
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