Monday, September 12, 2011

Note to self: You are not a hairdresser

If there's one thing I learned this weekend, it's that I am not a hairdresser. These are the moments when cosmetology school would come in handy.  Willow has always been "hair impaired". The twins actually have more hair now then she did on her first birthday. Because she's always been a baldy she's never been to have a haircut. I just trim an inch or so every few months when the ends start to look stringy. Saturday night we sat down to trim it and I told her repeatedly "Mommy is going to cut your hair please don't move". The first few snips went just fun and then she got distracted by a commercial and jerked her head to the side, loosing a 3in chunk of hair in the middle of her head. I had no choice but to start chopping which resulted in her having ear length hair. My boyfriend jokingly says she looks like Chucky, but I'm not so sure it's a joke.
All Saturday night she kept telling me "Willow hair all gone, bye bye hair, no move." Maybe next time she'll listen?


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