Thursday, August 4, 2011

That's not my name!

I have a feeling my poor girls are going to have a lifetime of correcting people when it comes to telling who is who. The pathology came back on the placenta today and they are now 100% sure that they are identical. Every day they look more and more alike. Sometimes I even have a hard time telling them apart. (Okay so most of the time it’s 3am feeding time when I mix them up, but it still makes you feel bad. )Shouldn’t I have some sort of twin mommy sense that allows me to always know who is who?

Which brings me to today’s fun twin story. My brother stopped by today and Ella was crying. Now Shawn likes to pretend that he doesn’t like the babies, doesn’t want to hold them, look at them etc. It’s not that he’s a mean guy or anything like that but he has to keep up his tough guy image. At 25 being a big old softy for babies isn’t “cool”. However he is the first one to come rushing in to their rescue if one of them is crying, he says the crying “annoys him” but we all know he feels bad. So Shawn comes in and scoops her up and the following conversation occurs:

Him: Hey Maddie don’t cry
Me: That’s Ella
Him: No It’s not, it’s Maddie
Me: Nope, it’s Ella, I know my kids
Him: Okay, so why do you call her Ella anyway
Me: That’s her name
Him: Wouldn’t Bella be a better nickname?
Me: What are you talking about?
Him: Well isn’t Bella the nickname for Isabella
Me: Yes, but her name is just Ella
Him: She’s just Ella? But Maddie is Madison right?

My brother has seriously spent the past two months thinking that my daughters are named Isabella and Madison, when their names are Ella and Madeline. So now when I feel bad for not being able to tell them apart at times I can take comfort in knowing that I may not always know who is who but atleast I know their names!


  1. That is a hilarious story!!! I bet they'll love to hear that when they get older!!

  2. AH! LOL! So cute that he likes to pretend he doesn't adore them... =)
    New follower from the hop!

  3. They are adorable, and that is a great story!


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