Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way! Easter Basket Ideas

Can you believe that it's almost time for Easter?! If you're like me you prefer not to fill your kids' Easter baskets with junk. Willow will get a chocolate bunny and a caramel egg but that's pretty much all the candy she'll get. We'd much rather pay a bit more for things that we know she'll use than give her a bunch of candy that will make her bounce off the walls and destroy our house.

This was Willow's very first Easter basket. We stuffed it with rattles, cloth books, baby sunglasses, and even cloth diapers! Now that she's older it's a bit harder, but not impossible! Here are some ideas to help make your Easter baskets candy free!

Wellington the Duck from Scentsy! He's a Scentsy Buddy! You insert a scent pack (each buddy comes with a pack in your choice of scent) into his back and he'll keep your child's room smelling great! His little rain coat is perfect for Spring.

Lalaloopsy Fairy Tale Minis. Willow is obsessed with these things and they're fairy inexpensive. Target usually has them on sale for $4.99. There are lots to choose from but Little Bah Peep is pretty Eastery with her little lambs! Willow is getting the Cinderella & Prince Charming set along with the Target exclusive Easter Mini.

Movies! I know that Willow would love a Dora movie for Easter, but she's getting Puss in Boots instead. She decided to order it for herself when she was using the Kindle Fire the other day. We forgot to turn off the one-click settings so it arrived with overnight shipping! She didn't realize she ordered it (she just turned 3) so in the basket it goes! Movies are great because the whole family can enjoy them. If a movie for each kid is out of the budget consider buying just one or two, wrapping them in spring colored wrapping paper and having the bunny leave them as a family gift.

Books, coloring books, art supplies, playdoh, lipgloss, toy cars, etc are all great additions too! Want to make it extra fun? Do a themed basket!  Summer fun is a great one, use a beach pail for your basket, stuff it with a bathing suit, new beach towel, sunscreen, sand toys, sun glasses and flip flops! Think outside the box!

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