Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am not a perfect parent.

Alright guys, I'm going to break the #1 rule of being a "mommy blogger". I'm going to admit that I am not perfect! For the most part mommy bloggers are all "perfect" their kids are perfect, their homes are perfect, the make amazing meals and always have fresh cakes sitting on their perfectly decorated tables. I am not that parent. I'm ready to admit all of my faults, and maybe you will too! For some helpful information click here.

Our house is messy. I have three kids, there are toys on my floor, laundry on the couch and most likely crayon on my walls. Deal with it.

Our kids don't have a bedtime. When they become cranky and unbearable they go to sleep. Sometimes that's 8pm sometimes that's midnight. We enjoy our time with our kids and if that happens to be at midnight that's just fine with us.

We don't have a schedule. Some mornings we are all up by 7, sometimes one or more of the kids are still asleep at 11am! (Oh how I love those mornings!)

Our 3 year old still has a pacifier.She's attached to her "yum yum" and just isn't ready to let it go yet. Yes, it's  ruining her teeth, and yes we'll have to pay for braces because of it.

The same 3 year old isn't potty trained. She can use the potty she just won't. Occasionally she'll try but for the most part potty training consists of her peeing on my floor, or in yesterday's case pooping in the corner. It happens.

They eat what they like. Sometimes that's well balanced meals and sometimes that's Macaroni and Cheese 4 nights in a row (I'm looking at you twinnies)

1 or more of our kids come to bed with us every single night. Don't worry we haven't smooshed one yet.

Our 3 year old is addicted to Netflix. She knows how to use it on the TV, phone, and Kindle Fire. I'm pretty sure she's watched every single episode of Dora, Diego, Barney, Backyardagens and Wonder Pets they have at least 15 times. 

No, we're not perfect, but we're really happy! So quit judging other mothers and just do what works for you!


  1. oh how I love this post, so great!

  2. I have to be honest... I can't stand "perfect parent" blogs. I don't read any of them. I would much rather read about moms, like me, who need to laugh and the crazy stuff they have to deal with, day in and day out. Who might do awesome stuff, but do it while also being in constant chaos.

    Which is me, as well.

    So, forget being perfect. Be real. Reality is more interesting. :)


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