Friday, December 9, 2011

Hartstings Children's Clothing Review

We were recently given the opportunity to visit our local Hartstrings Children's Clothing store at the Outlets in Orlando Florida. Since the outlets are packed in the weeks leading up to Christmas we packed the girls in the car and headed over on the day before Thanksgiving. Our outlets are usually open until 11pm, but we were a bit shocked when we got there and found out that they were closing at 9pm because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We walked around the outdoor plaza for a bit looking for Hartstrings and when we finally found it we headed in
 After we admired the beautiful holiday clothing in the store for about 10 minutes we realized that not one of the sales associates had even acknowledged that we were in the store. We're not exactly hard to miss trying to maneuver 2 strollers with three little girls under three through their narrow aisles (our double stroller got stuck a few times and we couldn't fit down some aisles at all). At first we thought that maybe they were busy helping a customer in the back of the store but after looking around a bit it was confirmed that we were the only ones in the store. We found the two sales associates talking to each other behind the register and actually heard them swearing. When we walked by they started giggling and apologized. I had never purchased clothing from Hartstings so I was concerned about sizing on some of the pieces. While they did have a fitting room, I knew that trying to drag all 3 girls in to try on clothes just wasn't going to work with the time constraint we had so I asked one of the associates how their clothing ran in comparison to the other brands we usually buy and she told me she "didn't know if their clothes ran big or small, they go by age". She suggested a size 6-9 months for Ella and Madeline and a size 3 for Willow. I chose to size down to 3-6 for Ella and Madeline because they're in a lower percentile in both height and weight in comparison to other babies their age.

I was on a real mission to find at least one outfit for each of the girls in our budget so after looking at the holiday clothing (which we decided wasn't within our budget) we spied a HUGE clearance section in the back with clothing in that was 60-75% off. At this time one of the sales associates was able to break herself away from her conversation and informed us that they were having a Pre-Thanksgiving sale and that our entire purchase would be an additional 20% off, so we went to work looking through the racks to find things in the girls' size. We ended up finding a total of 5 outfits for the twins, two matching outfits and one single, as well as an outfit that Willow picked out. All for a total of $97.XX and a savings of over $250 from their original price.

Our Hartstrings Fashion Show

Madeline in the single outfit we purchased.

Madeline in the pink flower dress

Ella and Madeline in the pink flower dress. They like each other I promise.

Ella in the black and white tiered dress.

Madeline and Ella in the black and white tiered dress.

Willow in the plaid skirt and hot pink cardigan she picked out.

This is her new "smile". I love the rhinestone buttons and beading on this cardigan!

Our Overall Opinion
I think that Hartsings offers great quality stylish clothing for children of all ages. Their regular prices are defiantly out of our budget, but they seem to have some great sales that make their clothing affordable for everyone. Other then the customer service we received (or didn't receive) we had a positive experience with Hartsings and their clothing. We'd defiantly shop there again and recommend Hartstings to our friends. Just leave your double strollers at home! You call find more information about Hartstrings and their clothing on these sites:  

I partnered with MomSelect and Hartstrings review. I received a gift card in order to do my shopping but received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own, please see our disclosure policy for more details.


  1. There has never ever been a lack of fashion styles to select from when picking trendy clothing for your baby girl to wear. In reality, special styles can alter in incredibly brief periods of time.

  2. Wow...Ella and Madeline are so adorable and their pink dress are so cute.

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  4. Very nice post. Kids looking beautiful and comfortable in the outfits. I like the post, keep the good work going.


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