Monday, July 25, 2011

Things My Kids Break

So like most mothers I don't buy very much for myself. Since Willow was born I can count the number of things that were purchased just for me. The total is maybe 6 things and I'm even including my Vera Bradley diaper bag that i carry all their junk in in that count. When tax returns came in I decided to really splurge and spent a whole $400 on a new laptop for myself. Even that was taken over by the children. Willow is pretty much the only one who has used it to watch movies.
So this morning I'm up and changing babies while Willow watches The Wiggles (can I tell you how much I hate The Wiggles?! Thanks MeeMee for buying the most annoying videos in history). Theyre busy singing about waking up Jeff for the 5th time this morning while all this mommy can think about is going back to sleep. I'm thinking maybe Jeff has the right idea when suddenly there is silence. 30 seconds of glorious silence followed by those words every mother dreads "uh oh". She had tried to take out the DVD to switch it for Alice in Wonderland and broke the CD drive. So now the drive won't close and I have a very angry 2 year old screaming to watch "The WayWells".I hate those men in their brightly colored shirts and poorly executed dance moves but now I'm really starting to miss them...

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