Friday, April 11, 2014

Where did my babies go?!

It really hit me the other day that I don't have babies anymore (at least not for 13 more weeks). Where did my tiny ladies go?
Willow is 5 and so independent. She has her own crazy sense of style and is my little helper. Once Holland is here and things have settled down we're going to start her homeschooling adventure. She's always willing to  break out the vacuum or chase after one of the twins when they run off. (It's getting pretty difficult to run now so they're taking full advantage of it.) She's completely obsessed with anything Disney related and is saving her own money to buy her second American Girl doll. She's making lots of friends in our new neighborhood, and tries to convince me nightly to take her to the park across the street.
 Ella and Madeline are going to be 3 on June 1st. It seems like just yesterday they were my little 5 pound princesses. Now they're singing, dancing, youtube obsessed little ladies. We spend a good portion of our day singing "If you're Happy and You Know It", "Let it Go", "Love is an Open Door", and "5 little Monkeys" over and over and over. It get's pretty annoying, but it makes them happy!  They love watch those KinderEgg opening videos on Youtube, I really wish I could get them in the US, they would absolutely die if they saw them in their Easter baskets!


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